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In the U.S., we have been traditionally trained to think of medicine as going to the doctor’s office to resolve an issue and walking out with a slip of paper to get filled.  Have you ever thought of the recommendation, eat right, exercise and get plenty of hours of sleep as things you’ll “get to” when you have more time?  Have you heard anyone say lifestyle adjustments are good ideas but they can only be done by a few people?  Or, are those vitamins / supplements and small tweaks really doing anything?  Let’s explore!

Did you know that many chronic diseases can be treated and the patient experience noticeable improvement – without negative side effects – when nothing else has worked?  Have you heard that food is medicine?  Have you heard that sunlight is a medicine? Did you know that exercise, sleep, stress reduction, meditation and loving relationships are also powerful medicines?

At VictoryWellnessMD, we believe each person is unique and we seek to find the most effective therapy and treatment specifically designed for you.  This could be as simple as a combination of physician-grade supplements, determining the right foods you should be eating to maximize your health and energy levels, and of course light or medium exercise when you are ready. 

As part of your journey, we also develop healthy aging strategies designed to help you optimize your brain health, remove toxins and improve cellular  rejuvenation. 

Naturally, depending on your condition, we may need to use a compounded medication “bridge” to help get you back on track and that’s okay.  Our comprehensive lab testing will help guide us with this decision.  For most, starting off with a lifestyle medicine approach can bring that “newness of life” and “turning the corner” you’ve been seeking for so many years.  You are not alone.  We are here for you.  We can help.  Call and make your appointment today!


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